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Consumers are increasingly interested in brands committed to the environment. They want them to become responsible while offering sustainable offers.

Becoming a committed brand is therefore a real challenge for companies. They need this commitment to boost their attractiveness and increase their sales .

The success of this ambition is based on various marketing actions, such as the use of biodegradable packaging, the reduction of C02 emissions and the use of products of sustainable origin. In this article we will discuss the different steps to become a committed brand.

How to become a committed brand?

Promising a societal and environmental commitment remains an optional marketing option for companies.

However, becoming a committed brand has significant advantages , whether in terms of managing the company’s commercial image or for conquering the market.

This marketing strategy arouses the interest of new prospects, because it helps to retain customers . It therefore guarantees the growth and expansion of the company’s horizon.

1- Convince your targets with a well-founded cause

The choice is vast for engagement marketing actions to capture the attention of customers. We can cite the fight against:

  • Poverty,
  • Improving access to healthcare and education,
  • Waste reduction or the use of recyclable raw materials.

We must therefore start by choosing the cause that the brand will support to carry out its marketing strategies.

It will constitute a real commitment for each of the companies in the years to come. You are therefore advised to choose a cause that is well-founded and attractive to consumers.

2- Choose a commitment that responds to the identity of the brand

The chosen marketing action must be conducive to all the activities of a committed brand. It necessarily puts forward the identity of the company. It is therefore necessary to choose a cause corresponding to a characteristic of the mark.

If your commitment is to fight the high cost of living, you can, for example, encourage your targets to prioritize buying at reduced prices.

Also invite them to fight against food waste by offering medium quality products that supermarkets do not want to market.

The marketing operations are to be chosen according to the identity and the value of the company  :

  • Elimination of plastic from product packaging . A company specializing in the manufacture of beer in Spain has opted for this commitment by swapping shrinkable plastics for recyclable cardboard boxes.
  • Commitment to increasing the lifespan of manufactured items. The goal is to attract the crowd with clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that respect the environment and are sustainable at the same time. This longevity of the products also favors the reduction of the carbon footprint.
  • Awareness of a healthy lifestyle . As part of the fight against breast cancer, for example, your company can encourage women to self-examine. They must also be kept informed of the right actions and foods to favor to prevent or fight this deadly disease.

Based on your own skills, you can easily find an interesting cause. You just need to be creative and let your imagination run wild.

3- Give priority to exchanges

The quest for closeness to customers is one of the infallible marketing strategies to promote a brand. You can organize a chat session with many consumers.

Take advantage of such an opportunity to bring up subjects that your customers do not dare to talk about on a daily basis. They will thus be free to give their opinions, to express their doubts or reservations about the brand.

A committed brand lends more importance to dialogues. She takes advantage of their meeting with their fans to present their operations and focus on an engaging subject, such as recycling or energy saving.

4- Post messages responding to your state of mind 

Forget about mass marketing by personalizing your messages  . They should also align with your state of mind. For this, you can resort to the intervention of a specialist in the audit of marketing operations and communication strategy of your company.

It uses this information to design messages that are both inclusive and authentic at the same time. They necessarily evoke your commitment. There are many custom marketing software that can help businesses increase brand loyalty and engagement by delivering personalized messages to customers.

5- Promote brand engagement

Consumers need to be kept up to date on the company’s commitment in order to improve the brand image .

To do this, various forms of marketing campaigns are available to you:

  • Print display,
  • Radio,
  • TV spots, Etc.

Web media, especially social networks, are also effective in capturing the attention of individuals and professionals in various fields. Use hashtags to impact more targets.

The quality of the visuals should not be neglected either. Favor emotional marketing by broadcasting funny and original renderings. Thus, the engagement will follow a double meaning, because Internet users will not linger to engage in their turn.

What is greenwashing?

Also called “eco-bleaching” or “greening”, greenwashing can be summed up as a marketing process aimed at disseminating a deceptive ecological argument to its targets. It can consist in changing the packaging to promise healthy and green elements.

A brand can add plants, flowers or fruits to the packaging. However, these natural ingredients are only present in small amounts in the product.

However, seeing the packaging, the consumer is already happy to have bought a natural, healthy and ecological item. Eco-laundering is therefore considered a completely illegal practice.

How to be sponsored by a committed brand in 3 steps

Sponsorship is a popular communication technique to promote their brand. It is a means of marketing conveying the image, the value, the identity and the commitment of the company.

With a convincing case and by launching an event corresponding to its commitment, you have a better chance of being sponsored by a committed brand.

1- Organize an eco-responsible event 

By adopting an exemplary approach, an association, a community or a group of students can easily convince the brands involved.

They will certainly not hesitate to sponsor operations based on the fight against pollution or the reduction of carbon emissions.

2- Choose an eco-responsible place

Whether indoors or outdoors, committed brands are interested in places where the ecological impact of the event will be minimized.

Choose a place accessible on foot or by public transport. You are also advised to favor eco-friendly buildings.

3- Drafting of the sponsorship request

The sponsorship application must be both clear and precise. Committed brands favor detailed requests that include numbers.

Also avoid long texts and personalize your request with the identity, values ​​and motivations of your association.

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