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People are in awe of the flawless face of the Korean people. Both Korean men and women are equally conscious about their skin health. When we talk about Korean skincare, it is safe to use the word ‘revolutionary.’ It revolutionized the beauty industry a long time ago, and it is still invading it, gaining more and more admirers across the globe. Korean skincare is a unique approach that uses a few tricks and some innovative ingredients. When combined, a system is created, which is highly effective and exceptional. If you ask a Korean woman about her skincare regimen, she will admit that the pressure is immense to have and maintain an impeccable skin.

Korean people are groomed from birth on how to wash, eat, and care for their skin. It is not about the products at its core, but just part of Korean beauty culture, where skin preserving techniques and methods are given prominence.

Well, Korean skincare is no rocket science. It is all about discipline and the use of the right products and procedures.

With that being said, let’s jump right on to our main topic – how to maintain healthy looking face like Korean people?

#1 Drink Barley Tea

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Koreans consume roasted barley tea nearly on a daily basis. If you have ever been to a Korean restaurant, you may definitely have had a nutty-tasting beverage. It is a Korean specialty and served in nearly every Korean restaurant. The point is, barely tea is given high prominence in Korean culture. It is the go-to beverage for Korean people. It is what they had been served since birth to fortify their skin and overall wellbeing. According to Koreans and (science), barley is rich in antioxidants and can improve blood circulation. Some studies even suggest that drinking barley tea promotes weight loss. It is up to you how many times you consume it in a day.

#2 Ampoules and Essence

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Koreans were first to use concentrated serums or essences on their skin. This practice continues to be an integral part of their skincare regimen, applying them to both their neck and face.

A concentrated serum is a nourishing viscous liquid, which is packed with minerals and nutrients for the skin. Its primary ingredients are glycerin and hyaluronic acid that increase skin elasticity, cell turnover, and revitalizes the skin. Essences help the skin in the absorption of moisture. These are viscous liquids that are essentially thicker than toners but thinner than serums. For optimal hydration, Koreans use it every night before sleep. It is helpful in treating uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines, and dry skin.

If you have a complicated skin that’s too sensitive, apply ampoule treatment after application of essence and before moisturizing your skin. Ampoules contain thick liquid rich in minerals and vitamins that target your skin concern. It combats sagging skin, dark spots, and dull skin. Like moisturizers and cleansers, these products don’t contain emollients or emulsifiers, allowing the active ingredients to reach deep inside your skin faster.

#3 Practice Mouth Stretches or Slap Your Face Hard

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This sounds weird, but Koreans consider it as a super-effective way of getting a radiating face. It follows the same concept as a facial massage. The goal is to firm up the face muscles and get the blood circulation going. You don’t have to get started with face slaps at first. You can simply perform the basic mouth stretches. We all know vowels very well – A-E-I-O-U. They are a speech sound produced by an open configuration of the vocal tract. Speak out these letters in the same order but in an exaggerated manner. It looks and sounds silly, but this trick improves blood circulation brightens the skin tone. Just after you have finished your daily skincare regimen, give a try to this practice at least three times.

On the other hand, if you want to go the extra mile with your Korean skincare, slap your face at least 50 times after you have finished your daily skincare regimen. This not only gets your blood circulation going but will also firms up your face muscles. If you see a Korean slapping her face hard, don’t get spooked or don’t think that woman is crazy. It is the secret to her flawless beautiful face and skin.

#4 Koreans Love the Idea of Natural Face Masks

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According to Koreans, Mother Nature is the secret to their everlasting beauty. They speak highly of natural facemasks and use them on a daily basis. Koreans prefer facemasks made of natural ingredients like snail mucin, sea kelp, avocado, green tea, and fermented yeast.

Snail mucin gives the skin a healthy-looking complexion by regenerating skin cells. Sea kelp contains high doses of antioxidants and minerals that help nourish the skin. Green tea and avocado help maintain the natural glow by rejuvenating the tired skin. Lastly, fermented yeast is a good source of vitamin B that helps boost skin metabolism and maintain healthy skin.

Hydration is the trademark of the Korean skincare regime. So, Koreans also prefer sheet masks that plump the skin and reduce wrinkles for better hydration. Sheet masks are second best to drinking eight glasses of water a day.

#5 Don’t Throw Away the Rice Water

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Women in Korea have figured out the underlying benefits of rice water. They don’t throw away the water after cooking rice; instead, they cool it down and use it to wash their face. Rice water has long-established skin benefits. Before your Olays and L’Oreals, people used natural moisturizers in Korea, and they still are. Rice water can help slow down aging, fade age spots, reduce dark circles, and brighten skin. If you have prepared rice for lunch or dinner, let it soak for 15-20 minutes. Put the rice water in a small container, give it a nice swirl, and apply the milky water as a pseudo toner.

One thing that you need to appreciate about Korean people is their trust in natural ingredients more than anything else when it comes to skincare. They are disciplined and dedicated to their skincare regimen. If you want a healthy looking face, try out the mentioned tips for at least a month. You will definitely see the results.



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