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angelo moriondo

Coffee is a staple beverage for millions of people around the world. For many, it’s a daily ritual that helps kickstart their day. And while there are various ways to brew coffee, the most popular method is undoubtedly the espresso.

The espresso is a concentrated shot of coffee that’s brewed under high pressure and served in a small cup. It’s the base for many popular coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos. But have you ever wondered who invented the espresso machine? Well, his name is Angelo Moriondo, and in this article, we’ll explore his life and legacy.

Early Life

Angelo Moriondo was born on October 19th, 1851, in Turin, Italy. He was the son of a tailor and grew up in a family of artisans. Moriondo was interested in mechanics from a young age, and he spent most of his free time tinkering with machines.

angelo moriondo

The Invention of the Espresso Machine

Inspiration Strikes

In the late 1800s, Moriondo was running a small business that manufactured steam machines for heating purposes. He was also an avid coffee drinker, and he frequented the cafes in Turin. However, he found that the coffee served in these cafes was often of low quality, and the brewing process was time-consuming.

One day, Moriondo had a revelation. He realized that he could combine his knowledge of steam machines with his love of coffee to create a new kind of coffee maker. His idea was to create a machine that could brew coffee quickly and with consistent quality.

The Patent

Moriondo’s first espresso machine was a large and complex device that used steam to brew coffee. He filed a patent for his invention on December 23rd, 1884, and it was granted on June 16th, 1885. The machine had several features that are still used in modern-day espresso machines, such as a boiler, a grouphead, and a portafilter.

Public Display

In 1884, Moriondo showcased his machine at the General Exposition of Turin. The exhibition was a big success, and Moriondo’s invention caught the attention of many coffee enthusiasts. However, the machine was still too large and expensive to be practical for most cafes.

Espresso Coffee

The Impact of Moriondo’s Invention

Moriondo’s invention of the espresso machine had a significant impact on the coffee industry and the way people consumed coffee. Here are some ways in which the invention has influenced coffee culture:

Faster Coffee Brewing

One of the most significant impacts of the espresso machine is its ability to brew coffee quickly. Before the espresso machine, brewing coffee was a slow and time-consuming process. The espresso machine changed that by allowing cafes to serve coffee in a matter of seconds.

Consistent Quality

The espresso machine also brought consistency to coffee brewing. In the past, the quality of coffee could vary greatly depending on the barista’s skills and brewing methods. With the espresso machine, the brewing process is standardized, resulting in a consistent quality of coffee.

New Coffee Drinks

The espresso machine also paved the way for new coffee drinks that weren’t possible before. Drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos all use espresso as a base. These drinks have become popular worldwide and are a staple in many coffee shops.

Rise of Coffee Culture

The invention of the espresso machine also contributed to the rise of coffee culture worldwide. The popularity of coffee shops and cafes has increased over the years, with many people seeing these places as a social hub to meet friends, work, or relax.

Moriondo’s Legacy Today

Moriondo’s legacy lives on today through the many espresso machines that are used worldwide. While his original machine was large and complex, modern espresso machines are much smaller and more efficient. However, the basic components of Moriondo’s machine, such as the boiler, grouphead, and portafilter, are still used in modern machines.

Moriondo’s invention has also inspired many coffee enthusiasts to experiment with coffee brewing methods and develop new machines. Today, there are many different types of espresso machines, each with its unique features and brewing methods.


What did Angelo Moriondo invent?

Angelo Moriondo invented the espresso machine in 1884.

What was Moriondo’s first espresso machine like?

Moriondo’s first espresso machine was a large and complex device that used steam to brew coffee.

Was Moriondo’s espresso machine an immediate success?

No, it took several decades for the espresso to become popular in Italy and around the world.

In Conclusion

Angelo Moriondo’s invention of the espresso machine was a significant moment in the history of coffee. His innovative idea combined his love of coffee with his knowledge of mechanics, and the result was a machine that revolutionized the coffee industry. Today, the espresso is a staple in coffee shops worldwide, and Moriondo’s legacy lives on through the many espresso machines that are used every day.


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